Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get the whole family together for a fun night in or a costumed night out in the neighborhood, but don’t forget about your pet’s safety in the process. Dog and cat health is very important during Halloween festivities, and a little mindfulness will guarantee that everyone enjoys more treats than tricks.

We have a few tips that will keep your pets safe and sound until the costumes are back in the closet.

Here are a few ways to put dog and cat health first:

• Watch Out For Dangerous Treats: Candy is obviously a no-no for your pets, but you’ll also want to make sure they avoid some of the healthy alternatives. Grapes and raisins, for instance, are extremely poisonous to dogs. Keep an eye out for any loose candy wrappers that could become an impulse snack, because they could potentially obstruct your pet’s digestive system.

• Maintain A Stress-Free Environment: As is the case with many holidays, the festive environment on Halloween can be a stress-inducer for pets. From excessive noise and foot traffic around the neighborhood to the possibility of practical jokes, it’s usually best to bring your pets indoors for the duration of the night. While they’re inside, keep them away from harmful decorations, and make sure they’re in a comfortable area away from the ringing doorbell.

• Consider Your Pet’s Comfort If Dressing Them Up: If you decide to take your pet out with you on Halloween, think before you put a costume on them. Some animals are fine with this, and may even enjoy it, but it can be extremely unpleasant and stressful to others. If they’re okay with it, make sure they can move, breathe, and see properly in their adorable costume.

As long as you keep dog and cat health in mind, your whole family can enjoy Halloween to the fullest!

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