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Monitoring provided by our highly-trained staff.

When it comes to surgery patient safety begins prior to the day of the procedure. Although anesthesia is much safer than it used to be, our veterinarians often recommend blood work 5 days prior to determine if there are any underlying concerns.

On surgery day, your pet will be admitted into the hospital; this is usually done by the attending veterinarian. This gives us time to discuss any changes in your pet’s behavior, additional treatments you would like to discuss, or to just put your mind at ease! During the procedure, your pet’s cardiovascular and respiratory functions will be closely monitored by a licensed technician.

Your pet’s safety continues to be a top priority post-operatively. This means our medical team monitors your pet’s temperature, pain score, and level of sedation after their procedure.  Look through the images below to follow one of our patients along through her surgery day.

If you believe your pet may need surgical attention, please call (360) 871-3335 to schedule an appointment.

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