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Dr. Mike Van Horn

Practice Owner and Medical Director since 2005
Dr. Van Horn's Bio
Dr. Mike Van Horn received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Oklahoma State University​ in 1993​ and a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Biology) from Union College. While in school, Dr. Mike enjoyed working in Alaska and experiencing companion animal veterinary practice in New Zealand. After practicing on the east coast for several years, Dr. Mike and family relocated to the Greater Puget Sound area in 1996, where he has been engaged in small animal practice exclusively ever since. Dr. Mike Van Horn’s professional interests include orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, dentistry, and medicine for all life stages. Dr. Mike is a Seahawks fan and enjoys old time radio shows, reading, boating, and playing with his children. Dr. Mike and his family enjoy a myriad of pets, including 5 cats, 3 dogs, and a herd of Arabian horses.

Dr. Kristina Van Horn

Practice Owner since 2005
Dr. Van Horn's Bio
Dr. Kristina (“Keena”) Van Horn received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Cornell University in 1993 and her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Cook College/Rutgers University in 1989. Her practice career led her from mixed animal practice to exclusive companion animal practice in referral and critical care settings as well as primary care. Her professional interests include feline medicine, pain control, Fear-Free practice, ophthalmology, acupuncture, and behavioral medicine. While Dr. Keena is not available for appointments at Woodside Animal Hospital at this time, her many years at Woodside helped shape the culture of patient care and resulted in many permanent improvements addressing feline specific needs to alleviate stress at veterinarian visits. Her contributions at this time include continued collaboration about the practice’s vision and growth as well as helping the staff disseminate important medical and behavioral information via the many client support handouts she has produced over the years.

Dr. Katrina Backus


Dr. Backus' Bio
Dr. Katrina Backus received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Iowa State University in 2013 but has been in the veterinary field for over 10 years.  Dr. Backus is particularly interested in the human-animal bond and working with clients to create plans best tailored to their pet’s needs.  She also has advanced training in surgery (particularly in orthopedics), and wound management.  
On her downtime, Dr. Backus enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and their plethora of four-legged animals, as well.  We would like to thank Dr. Backus for saving animal’s lives, but we would also like to thank her husband for serving our country (he is in the Air Force).

Dr. Stephanie Crowson


Dr. Crowson's Bio
Bio coming soon!

Licensed Veterinary Technicians


Lead Licensed Technician at Woodside Since 2011
Melissa's Bio
Melissa was raised in Allyn, Washington. Her love for animals started ​at an early age and led her to join 4-H. She graduated from Pierce College with a degree in Veterinary Technology in 2000. Since then, she has worked with animal rescues, shelters, and private practices. Melissa has dogs, cats, and parrots; with a preference for cats. Melissa is a great technician with a big heart. She has become a very valuable part of our team and is unofficially known as “the organizer”. Her efforts in organizing help keep us in top shape, ensuring that we are always in order and ready for the next patient. When Melissa is not working at Woodside Animal Hospital, she is working at her husband’s nursery or volunteering with botanical groups like Rare Care Plant Conservation or Washington Native Orchid Society. ​Additionally​, she enjoys petroglyph photography and hiking.


Licensed Technician at Woodside since 2015

Indy's Bio

Indy values both the medical and emotional side of her profession, and readily drops everything to make sure pets are seen with an empathetic hand. She graduated from Pierce College as a licensed Veterinary Technician in 2015, but has worked at Woodside Animal Hospital since 2013 (she began as a volunteer)! Indy has always believed working with animals and being a nurse is the perfect career for her. As a technician, Indy enjoys hematology (the study of blood) and can be found either in our lab or assisting our doctors during dental procedures. In her personal time, Indy can’t be kept away from the great outdoors—she even gets in her Jeep and comes to work when Port Orchard shuts down during snowstorms!


Licensed Technician at Woodside since 2000
Nancy's Bio
Nancy was born in California and raised in Renton, Washington. Nancy​ has had a lifelong passion for animals.​ While she was in high school, Nancy volunteered at the Humane Society and worked as a Kennel Attendant.​ After high school,​ Nancy attended Brigham Young University and graduated with degrees in Veterinary Technology and a Bachelors of Science. We value Nancy’s eagerness to help whenever and wherever needed! Nancy has a strong passion for pain management and creating low-stress visits for clients and patients. When Nancy is not with us at Woodside, she is spending time with her husband and two sons.​ In addition, Nancy shares her home with her cat, Grimm.


Licensed Technician at Woodside since 2007
Brynn's Bio
Brynn was born and raised in Gig Harbor and is a 1999 Graduate of Gig Harbor High School. She has worked in the veterinary field since 2002. She graduated from Pierce College Veterinary Technology in 2007 and has been a Licensed Veterinary Technician at Woodside Animal Hospital ever since. We are fortunate to have had Brynn as part of our team since she started her career as an LVT. She is a stellar technician who takes her job very seriously and still is able to be a fun-loving, animal loving person who likes to laugh and have a good time while she works. ​She enjoys working with dogs and cats but also likes and has experience working with exotic pets and small ruminants. Brynn and her husband, Daniel, are enjoying their two daughters Mary and Charlie. In her spare time, Brynn enjoys walking with her mom, traveling, camping, kayaking, skiing, cooking; and watching her dog, 2 cats, 6 hens, 2 pullets, and her rooster known as Foghorn grow up.


Licensed Technician at Woodside since 2018
Jessica's Bio

Jessica is the medical professional that eats, breathes, and lives to be a technician. Woodside was fortunate to bring Jessica on staff in December 2018 while she was completing her degree at PIMA Institute. She graduated in April 2019 and has not stopped learning! Although she is currently focused on specializing in animal behavior training and is certified in Fear Free practices, she takes classes in any area available to her. As our Community Outreach Organizer, Jessica helps us engage with various Port Orchard events and remain an active part of the community we love! When Jessica isn’t helping in the surgery suite or supporting patients on their way to recovery, she enjoys spending time with her kids and fiancé, baking/cooking, and occasionally enjoying a glass of wine!

Veterinary Assistants


Kennel Manager and Veterinary Assistant at Woodside since 2017
Jordan's Bio
Jordan was born in Virginia and has lived in multiple states, including Minnesota, Florida, and Hawaii, throughout her childhood. When Jordan was a young adult, she moved to Washington State. Jordan has a well-versed background in the veterinary industry and experience with a variety of animals. Since she was 14 years old, Jordan was competing in horse shows regularly and was involved with animals whenever possible. Before joining our team, Jordan has previous experience as a Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant. The knowledge and experience that Jordan brings to our staff have been a terrific asset. Jordan’s ability to recognize animal’s cues and provide what they need to be healthy and feel comfortable is something place a lot of value in here. Jordan lives with her two dogs, Kinleigh, a Blue Heeler and Tucker, Chihuahua, her horse, VooDoo, and her three cats, O’Malley, Eli, and Rebel. Jordan loves to do activities that involve the great outdoors such as, kayaking, horseback riding, and hiking.


Veterinary Assistant and Receptionist at Woodside since 2015
Carol's Bio
As a veterinary assistant, Carol tends to spend most of her time at your pet’s level. She enjoys talking to clients to better understand the whole picture, and she loves trying to make sure all pets feel at ease while at Woodside. Carol believes that Woodside is the best hospital because we are comprised of a fantastic team and we truly believe pets come first. It is because of our passion for quality care that Carol has been with Woodside for five years (since January 2015). Outside of the Woodside family, Carol and her husband have two children, four cats and a dog. Don’t tell the other pets, but her orange kitty, Badger, is definitely “her main man.”


Veterinary Assistant at Woodside since 2019
Amber's Bio
Bio coming soon.


Veterinary Assistant at Woodside since 2019
Jocelyn's Bio
Bio coming soon.


Veterinary Assistant at Woodside since 2019
Jake's Bio
Bio coming soon.

Client Service Coordinators


Lead Receptionist at Woodside since 2015
Ashlee's Bio
Ashlee was born in Beaverton, Oregon and moved to Washington when she was a young adult. Ashlee strives to make each experience for every client a positive experience and strives to meet everyone’s needs. Before Ashlee came to Woodside, she worked closely with elderly patients in a memory care ward. She was even awarded a Peacock Pin, an award given to individuals who go above and beyond to serve their memory care patients. Her experience at a memory care ward makes her an ideal candidate for providing the best care for our clients and patients. Ashlee is known for her passion for Harry Potter. ​Together, Ashlee and her fiancé, Jay, have a young daughter named Lily and two dogs, Mila and Holly.


Receptionist at Woodside since 2017
Nora's Bio
Nora was born in New Hampshire and grew up in Rochester until her and her family moved to Port Orchard when she was 12 years old. Nora has been in the medical field for a number of years, but she did not start out in the veterinary industry, rather entered the field as a human caregiver. Nora’s takes her experience in working with human patients and is able to translate that care to our four-legged patients with a genuine and tender heart. She has a great understanding of how a patient feels, how to meet their needs, and how to best communicate with family members. Known best for her passion for cats and Harry Potter, Nora also enjoys beachcombing, reading, crocheting, painting, and photography. Together Nora and her husband, Jesse, have a son, Glenn, and several furry companions. Nora’s pets include two pit bulls, Luna and Angus, and three cats, Gary, Crowley, and Benedict Cumbercat.


Receptionist at Woodside since 2019
Anna's Bio
Bio coming soon!


Receptionist at Woodside since 2019
Ashton's Bio

Ashton joined our hard working reception team in July of 2019. She enjoys the fast-paced nature of this position and works hard to make sure each patient receives the excellent care he or she deserves. Ashton loves animals of all sizes including working dogs (e.g. Heelers, Australian Shepherds, and Corgis) and horses (specifically thoroughbreds, quarter horses, and paints). When Ashton is not focused on patient care at Woodside, she is likely barrel racing, reading, or taking pictures. She’s also one of the fantastic contributors to our Facebook Page!


Receptionist at Woodside since 2019
Liz's Bio
Bio coming soon!

Administrative Team


Practice Manager at Woodside since 1992
Kerry's Bio
Kerry has worked at Woodside Animal Hospital since graduating from Pierce College in 1992. She ​has ​worked many years as a Licensed Veterinary Technician, ​before being promoted in 2007 to her primary job is as our Practice Manager.​ ​Kerry remembers many milestones in her life she has gone through while working here at Woodside, from turning 21 to getting married and having children. She feels Woodside has been a part of her life for such a long time and it will always be her home. Kerry and her husband Chuck have two boys, Trevor and Jared. They enjoy camping, quad riding, and playing outside.​ Furthermore, Kerry​ enjoys scrapbooking and gardening. Almost every pet Kerry has owned has been one she adopted through working at Woodside. She currently has a Doberman named Roxy, a mix-breed dog named Buddy, and three cats named by her son: Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, and Plywood. Kerry’s job as practice manager includes several things; among them are helping to ensure the best customer service possible with extensive training and follow up training with employees, helping to ensure quality patient care, inventory management, and trying to maintain a healthy and happy working environment for our staff. It is Kerry’s goal to maintain a high quality, efficient animal hospital that cares for our community’s pets as if they were our own.


Accounts Receivable and Records Manager at Woodside since 2002 and returned 2018
Jen's Bio
Jen has been apart of the Woodside family for a number of years! She was first hired as a Receptionist in 2002 and worked as apart of our team until 2011 when she moved to Indiana. Jen eventually moved back to Port Orchard, joined our team in 2018. Her primary focus is to manage all aspects of the clinic’s technical needs. In efforts to help us become a clinic that primarily operates “paperlite”. Jen is excited to be back at Woodside serving our clients and helping us to continue to improve our hospital. Jen is a proud mother of two kids, Aaron and Katelynn. Although her kids are now grown, Jen is thoroughly enjoying life as a grandmother and life with her pets. Jen has a Pitbull named Ruby and two cats, Bella and Harry Houdini. Traveling and scrapbooking are a couple of Jen’s favorite hobbies. Jen and her sister both enjoy seeking out variety of adventures. We are glad to have Jen back on our team!


Assistant Practice Manager at Woodside since 2019
Jordan's Bio
Bio coming soon.

Kennel Attendants

Kennel Attendants

We have a few individuals that help to keep the hospital running smoothly and clean while tending to patient needs and providing our patients with the best comfort while they are under our care. Our dedicated Kennel Attendants are a crucial component in delivering the quality medicine and care your pet deserves. We would like to acknowledge our wonderful team who work tirelessly behind the scenes for our patients. Thank you Bobbie, Jake, Jordan, and Gabriel for all your hard-work!

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